Thursday, January 29, 2015

Schiaparelli Couture Spring 2015

by David Pedroza, Editor in Chief

Back view of Look #11 (Schiaparelli Showroom)

In-house designed collections have become the norm lately, when houses are in trasition from one creative director to another. Most critics do not give in-house teams the best support or accolades for trying their hand in creating a vision for certain collections, but I must hand it off to the team at Schiaparelli for turning out a positivly, wearable, and beautiful collection. They met the stanards of creativness and wearablity, while remaining true to the herritage of the house. For Spring 2015, the house focused on Schiaparelli's surrealism in whimsical prints, and trop l'oiel. Silhouettes where calmer than Zanini's previous collections, they became softer and wearable. There was no lack of color and charm, but this collection overall had more "elegance" and a commercial appeal that can take this brand into more couture client's closets. A stand out look, and personal favorite was look #11, a  bias cut emerald green dress, with a necklace, released at the back with a shadown print of hands, a must have for any colector.

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